Veronica’s Weight Loss Story With Cinderella Solution

Victoria and Cinderella Solution
My name is Veronica, I am 32 years old and today I would like to tell you about my story of losing weight using the Cinderella Solution system. I am an accountant by profession, and although my work is quite stressful from a moral point of view, physical activity was very bad for me before. I chose this profession thanks to my parents who work in the same field and were able to teach me a lot. While studying at the university, I was quite slim, but later I began to actively gain weight and even my hobby for daily cycling did not help me. In general, I lead a fairly measured lifestyle and perhaps many girls recognize themselves in my situation.

How Overweight Started Ruining my Life

I have never been thin, but I have never suffered from excess weight either. I didn’t even think about this problem, it was so far from me. At university, I started dating a young man who was liked by many girls. In the future, the situation was aggravated by the fact that he played baseball and had an athletic physique. When I started working in my last year at university, I began to actively gain weight.
I didn’t notice it at first, but the situation changed completely after one incident. My friends and I took a group photo where I saw how much I recovered and how not harmonious I look against the background of my boyfriend. My friends remained all the same beautiful, and in the meantime, I completely lost my shape. At some point, I even felt ashamed to appear in public with my boyfriend, which caused us to quarrel, but then I explained the situation to him and we began to solve it together. I went with him on morning runs, but it did not change anything – my weight remained at the same mark.

What solutions did I use before

I knew that physical activity and jogging in the morning alone would not be enough, so I started trying diets. At first, I eliminated all sweets from my diet – this was the most difficult. The hard work and the lack of cookies and chocolate at work started to give me headaches, but that didn’t stop me. Then I excluded all flour from my diet – this also did not lead to the desired result.

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Weight dropped literally 2 kg and again froze. Then I decided that jogging in the morning was not enough and signed up for a fitness room that I attended every evening. But this did not help me at all – even with active cardio, my weight not only did not fall, it slowly began to increase. At that moment, I began to despair. Until the thought occurred to me that perhaps I had a hormonal imbalance. I donated blood for tests and received the result – I was completely healthy. And what was left for me to do – I did not know. This whole situation was already beginning to make me desperate. My boyfriend supported me as best he could, but against this background, I still began to develop a little depression.

How I learned about Cinderella Solution

One of those weekends, when I didn’t want to go anywhere, but stayed at home and watched a video on YouTube, I accidentally saw a recommendation video from a girl who was talking about her experience using Cinderella Solution. At first, I thought it was some kind of advertisement and wanted to turn it over, but judging by the short preview of the video, the story was real and the girl was actually filming her story. Well, I decided that I didn’t mind watching this video for 6 minutes and clicked on the link.
Julia, as the girl was called, was overweight and in many ways the story of her life intersected with mine. She also began to actively gain weight due to the stress at work, and no other means helped her, although outside of working hours she led a fairly active lifestyle. Then Julia showed her photos before and after the application of the Cinderella Solution slimming system and it became quite obvious to me that I want to get as much information as possible about this product. She attached a link in the description to the video and I followed it to read how this system differs from other popular and well-known methods of losing weight.

What Cinderella Solution offers and how it differs

The key difference between this system and all the others was that Cinderella Solution did not require you to use any strict diets and was designed to preserve women’s health. In many ways, the system took its roots in the eastern methods of losing weight, where people did not limit themselves to food, but took the right actions that would restore their metabolism. Judging from the description of this method, I went through the same mistakes as many other women, while not taking into account the main thing – the safety of my health. The main advantage of Cinderella Solution is that its developers took into account the fact that a woman is a continuer of the family, and she must have good health, monitoring hormonal balance and the general condition of her body.
The work of the system was based on “restarting” the work of its body, which, against the background of external stresses, began to rebuild. And by activating 3 key hormones that are most responsible for burning fat – Estrogen, Cortisol and Insulin, a woman will be able to return to her natural weight without harm to her health. Among other things, there is a real rejuvenation of the body. And for this you don’t even need to wait 3 or 6 months, as most well-known weight loss programs suggest. The weight began to change literally “before our eyes”. And then I decided to purchase this course in order to learn more about the work of my body, the influence of hormones, how the modern rhythm of life negatively affects our health and what it all leads to.

How I started losing weight with Cinderella Solution

Realizing my main mistake – the lack of attitude in my approach, the lack of a clear plan for restoring health, I began to read carefully the information from the weight loss program. By calculating my natural weight, I realized that I needed to lose as much as 33 pounds(15 kg). And at first, it seemed impossible to me. But I already believed in the effectiveness of the system and decided to try at all costs. I began to follow the methodology at the end of February. By mid-March, I had lost 5 extra pounds. This event made me so happy that I gained faith that I could succeed.
This is a photo of my first results:
Victoria Cinderella Solution Before After Result
The next month, I actively followed all the instructions in the program and watched my weight decrease. My depression began to subside, and at work I began to show better productivity. As it turned out later, all this is also the result of restoration and normalization of hormonal levels. I will never forget the admiring look of my boyfriend, in front of which I was no longer ashamed of my appearance, we again began to live an active social life and I proudly flaunted my new figure in all our photos next to him. This is how the Cinderella Solution System helped me regain my health, lose weight and gain self-confidence.

And this is a photo where I have already reached the desired mark:
Victoria final result after Cinderella Solution
When I reached the mark of the desired weight, I wondered: “Do I want to lose more?” But I decided to stop there and continue to maintain the weight at the established mark. Many girls who have tried other methods of losing weight complained that after the end of their diets, the weight returned again, and sometimes even more forcefully. At some level, I was worried that this could happen to me, but no. As the developers of the Cinderella Solution system promised, their approach was based on the method of healthy and natural weight loss, therefore, it excluded uncontrolled weight loss or its unexpected gain in the future. It’s been over 8 months since I lost weight to my dream mark and now I want to share my story with other women. Now I look like in the photo on the right side:
Cinderella Solution Final Result
If you are facing the same problems as me, then don’t despair! There is an exit! Try to explore what Cinderella Solution has to offer and you will understand how to properly monitor your health.

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  • Excellent method. For many people it is difficult to deal with the problem of overweight, it attacks the morale, the state of mind, they simply do not want to continue looking for the solution to the problem of overweight, but the good thing is that there are methods such as Cinderella Solution, without Eating a strict diet can help in the weight loss process, because this novel system influences the hormones responsible for burning fat. I definitely like this method.

  • Indeed, a sedentary lifestyle often leads to weight gain, as in my case. There were complexes about the appearance. No diets help me, I just break down over and over again. The gym and jogging in the morning are only temporary. This article discusses an unusual way to lose weight. You should not despair, there is always a way out of the situation. I think in the future, many girls will use this method of losing excess weight.

  • Fantastic results, I’m so happy for Veronica, she looks absolutely gorgeous, doesn’t she? Seems like this method helps lose weight safely and with no side effects.

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