Turn Around Anxiety – The Story of 9 year old girl Sarah

Nine-year-old Sarah was a normal, active child who loved spending time with her family and friends. But all that changed when she started having panic attacks. At first, they were rare, but they gradually became more frequent until she had one almost daily. We didn’t know what to do as we had never heard of panic attacks before and didn’t know how to help our daughter.
Turn Around Anxiety 9 Year Old Sarah story

First Symptoms of Anxiety

Sarah’s symptoms began with a vague feeling of unease and restlessness, which progressed to shortness of breath and racing thoughts. She often worries about things entirely out of her control, such as whether or not she had locked the door at home or left a window open. These worries would send her into a full-blown panic attack, with dizziness and a rapid heartbeat. Sometimes, these attacks would strike while Sarah was at school, and she started to miss classes. She became so fearful of having a panic attack in public that it also began to affect her social life.

Attempts to remedy the situation

One of the hardest parts was knowing that Sarah’s anxiety was entirely out of our control. We tried to reassure her, and we took her to see a therapist and a psychiatrist to get to the root cause of the panic attacks. But nothing seemed to make any difference, and for months she continued to struggle with feelings of extreme fear and apprehension. Sometimes her anxiety will fade for a few days but then return with a vengeance. She would feel anxious about going to school, having panic attacks in front of her friends, or worrying about things that hadn’t even happened.

TurnAroundAnxiety Program

After a lot of searching, we eventually came across the website turnaroundanxiety.com and immediately knew that this was the resource we had been looking for. The information on the site was clear, easy to understand, and based on sound research. Most importantly, it offered practical tools and strategies to help kids cope with anxiety and overcome fears. We found some helpful advice for managing Sarah’s anxiety, such as using breathing techniques and identifying her triggers. Best of all, we learned that there was a way to treat the underlying cause of panic attacks rather than just treating the symptoms. We immediately took Sarah to see a therapist specializing in cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), designed to help people change negative thinking patterns that can be the root cause of anxiety.

So what is TurnAroundAnxiety?

Look no further than turnaround if you’re searching for a way to help your kid deal with anxiety. It’s based on years of research and experience from a randomized controlled study. In just ten audio parts and an accompanying workbook, your child will learn what anxiety is, how it works—and most importantly—how to overcome it. What makes Turnaround special is that it talks directly to kids, can be used at home immediately, and has proven effective. Their benefits include:

  1. Speaks directly to children – Turnaround employs methods based on our expertise in working with children. With this experience, we can grip your child’s attention, teach them using age-appropriate methods, and change how they cope with anxiety for the better. And the best part is that you don’t have to put in any effort beyond supporting your kid as they follow our lead.
  2. Children will listen to stories other children tell – turnaround ensures that children are interested in what we teach rather than just being bored by it. This is achieved by having the story told by several children, not just one child telling the story.
  3. Get professional counseling for your child in the comfort of their own home – Two experienced therapists created this program and will counsel your child with help from other children. This is an excellent option for your child if you don’t have the time or money to attend a traditional counseling session, and the program can be used from anywhere.
  4. A workbook that includes exercises – The accompanying workbook helps your child follow along with their progress as they use turnaround. This allows them to practice the methods we teach in each part of the audio and provides them with a concrete record of their progress.
  5. Your child will learn to face their fears – Turnaround teaches your child that they can accomplish great things, even if they’re afraid at first. We show them how to overcome these feelings and achieve the goals that once seemed impossible because of anxiety or fear.

What is The Turnaround Program Digital?

What is The Turnaround Program Digital

The Digital Program is a great option for international buyers and for children in crisis who need help ASAP. Thousands of programs have been downloaded and shipped since 2010.

What is included in the download?

  • The 10-Part Turnaround Program for your child (all audio files in .MP3 format).
  • The Turnaround Journal (Workbook in .PDF format for you to print out).
  • The Parent Guide- resource for parents.
  • The Chill Kit- relaxation exercises.

Turnaround Program Digital Pros and Cons

  • Speaks directly to the children in the way they understand
  • Helps them to deal with anxiety and fear
  • Have been designed by experienced therapists
  • Your child can easily relate to the stories and characters and feel part of the group
  • Encourages both the child and the parents to listen and bond with each other
  • Costs less than a session with psychologist
  • Worldwide shipping and digital download
  • Return policy available

  • It takes time to get results

How long does it take for panic attacks to go away?

It took Sarah a few months to overcome her anxiety and panic attacks. Through the use of cognitive-behavioral therapy and some other strategies, she could identify what triggers her anxiety, learn techniques for managing it, and ultimately return to living everyday life. Today, she’s much more confident in herself, and her abilities feel good about handling her anxiety and are is again enjoying all of the activities she loves. She couldn’t be happier with the results she achieved using turnaround.

Is Turn Around Anxiety worth the money?

As a parent, I’m grateful for the help Turnaround provided my daughter with in overcoming her anxiety. It not only relieved Sarah’s suffering but gave me some much-needed peace of mind as well. I can’t recommend it enough for anyone looking for a way to help their child with anxiety. If you’re ready to give your kid the tools they need to manage their anxiety, be sure to try turnaround today.

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