Tatyana Rubakova: How I lost 120 lbs

Tatyana Rubakova told us about her difficult path to an ideal body and, most importantly, harmony with herself. We think that Tanya’s experience is very inspiring!
tanya lost 120 lbs

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I’ve been overweight since I was I’ve always been a chubby girl. It is pretty logical that I had a hard time at school, especially gym class, which was a real ordeal. Despite the fact that I had grown accustomed to not having much success in general, graduation destroyed me. I have never felt so lonely! My classmates refused to approach me, and when I headed in their direction, they swiftly moved on to someone else. After a few attempts, I realized that this was for a reason At that moment that I decided to lose weight and started reading books on psychology.
Let me explain what happened next. I arrived at high school with a unique personality, but by the end of the year, I had transformed into a happy, outgoing Tanya with whom, despite her weight, everyone was friends. I didn’t change much on the outside, but I changed considerably on the inside. This happened not at once, but gradually, I became popular. And all because I realized that it was impossible to go on like this; I could no longer be in a state of suffering and complaining to the whole world. By the way, I am still friends with my classmates. Once one of them even discussed this situation at the prom: she did not know that I remembered all this, or that I was so offended She said that at the time, I was uninteresting, stuffy, that’s why it happened that way. Of course, it wasn’t very pretty, but it isn’t wrong, we were kids after all.
I had always been overweight and before it became critical (over 220 lbs.), lived almost normally, and then came shortness of breath; it became difficult to climb even to the 4th floor at school, and this greatly reduced the quality of life. Were the people around me sympathetic to this? No.

Instead of making nicer statements about how hard it was for me to lose weight, I was frequently ridiculed.

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It took me three and a half years to lose weight. I tried many things; probably the dumbest way was to make some horribly unpalatable celery soup with tomatoes, peppers, and something else, eat it for a few days in the hope of losing 17lb in a week.
That attempt ended with me not being able to get out of bed to go to work on the third or fourth day. I was 17 years old, working full time and studying at university for evening classes, meaning I needed strength for such a schedule, and I was eating this soup and supposedly “losing weight.” When I was on a diet, I often broke down; when I realized that dieting for a while was nonsense, I began to look at the whole thing differently.
tanya weight loss result
Now I don’t break down, but intelligently incorporate my favorite and maybe not so healthy foods into my diet: for example, if I eat something sweet in the morning at breakfast, it means that there will be something with less carbohydrates for lunch. Something like that. But in general, everything starts in the head. You have to reconstruct your attitude to your figure, your diet, and your way of life.

Tatyan’s Diet

A well-balanced diet combined with exercise may not yield the fastest results, but it does yield quality results and results that you can really hold onto! There are diets, such as protein diets, which produce great changes quickly, but all this is temporary. Therefore, as they say, ride slowly; you will live further away. So I developed a menu for myself, and now I teach other people to do the same. Sports were periodical, if possible. I used to be overweight and insecure. I was terribly uncomfortable looking at myself because I was fatter than everyone else at school. It was hard to find nice clothes, I had to wear things that fit at least my size, and were age-appropriate clothes.

Every day I was humiliated, and I wanted only one thing – to break out of this vicious circle.
Tanya after 120 Lbs Off

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Tanya after 120 Lbs Off
Most of the problems – well, as I thought – were related to being overweight, so I decided to lose weight; although it was not easy, I made many mistakes, but I managed first to change myself internally and then externally.

How to Maintain the Weight?

In the middle of the weight loss process, my main goal was to maintain my weight, which, by the way, I have been able to do for more than four years now! This is even more difficult than getting rid of the extra pounds since many people are willing to put some limits on themselves for a while, but few are ready to stick to the regimen for the rest of their lives.
I achieve all this through an active lifestyle and a proper diet. I eat almost everything, even pasta, for example, but only if it is made of whole meal flour. Almost every unhealthy food can be replaced, and the main thing is to use your imagination, which makes it possible to have a varied, tasty, and healthy diet.

Tanya Weight Loss Story

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This lifestyle, working out at the gym or home, biking, rollerblading, long walks, and swimming are all great. You have to find something that gives you pleasure, then it won’t be torture. Eating right can keep the weight off, but sports help the figure get the right shape. Of course, if I start eating everything again, I’ll gain weight. Losing weight is simple math: if you eat more than normal, you gain; if you eat less, you lose.
Tanya before losing weight and after. Difference.
Tanya before and after photo 2
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Tanya Today after losing weight
Sometimes I look back, and I can’t even believe it’s real. Clearly, I wouldn’t have believed, when I weighed over 220 lbs, that it was even possible!

Here’s Where I Recommend You Start Reducing Weight

  • Believe that you can do it. If you don’t believe, look at my example and the examples of many others. It’s motivating.
  • Understand why you need it, and it fits any goal, not just weight loss.
  • Determine your goal – it must be clear and precise.
  • Break this ultimate goal into several stages, as many will need more time to realize them and need to motivate and reward themselves somehow at the end of each stage. This will help you not to give up.
  • Doing. Sometimes we prepare too much, take too long to gather information, read controversial opinions, although sometimes, we just have to take it, put it all aside, and start doing.

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Lifestyle tips for losing weight

  • Breakdowns in the process of losing weight are inevitable. Try to treat them philosophically. Don’t berate yourself and don’t blame yourself, but take a research position: why you ate half a chocolate cake instead of a plate of carrots, what provoked you, how you can avoid such things in the future. You can write down your thoughts on this – they will help prevent breakdowns in the future.
  • It’s a good idea to have so-called cheat meals from time to time – i.e., planned dietary interruptions. Just don’t get too carried away with them! If such violations become daily, the weight will only grow. But once every 2 to 3 weeks, they will even be helpful: they will spur the metabolism and accelerate weight loss.
  • Drinking more water is a tip that bribes you with its novelty. But it really works!
  • Try to eat plenty of fiber. Vegetables, fruits, legumes, unprocessed cereals, and whole-grain breads can help with digestion, keep you full for a long time, and have a positive effect on your microflora.

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  1. I am on a diet for almost 2 months and -20lbs (I do not do sports, I eat 1200 kcal). I read your story and want to do sports too. You are so clever!


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