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  • Supports strengthening and preserving of teeth
  • It helps the reduction of plaque and other oral bacteria
  • Assists in fighting gum infection and inflammation


  • Only available on the official website
  • The product is not recommended for pregnant women and lactating mothers
  • Individual results may vary
 Dentitox Pro is a new liquid that supports oral health and hygiene. Apply these drops directly to the teeth and gums daily. Made of natural ingredients, this formula is prepared in a GMP-certified facility and tested before being sent to the market. 

Are you experiencing never-ending bleeding teeth and gums and you would like a one-time solution? I know you have so much pain when you watch your gums pull back, knowing that one day, your teeth will no longer have support to stay in place. Do not fret because I got a solution for you. The field of dentistry has made many advancements over the years with numerous procedures that aim to solve different mouth issues. However, most people nowadays are looking for natural methods to alter their oral health.

Dentitox Review

Howbeit, after thorough research, we came across a solution that utilises African tribunal practices that have been scientifically proven. This review aims to help you learn more about the components of Dentitox Pro.

What is Dentitox Pro?

what is dentitox pro
Dentotox Pro is a type of oral supplement whose purpose is to rebuild teeth and gums while eradicating tooth decay. African tribe rituals created it and the solution is composed solely of natural ingredients. When these ingredients are brought together, they bring about a difference in your oral health by addressing the root cause of the problem. The formula was conceptualised by a 54-year old professor and his doctor friend, who also experienced poor oral health. At this point, you will have to agree with me that Dentitox Pro produces desirable results.

How Does Dentitox Pro work?

Dentitox Pro how  does it work
Like I mentioned earlier, Dentitox will address the root cause of poor oral health. Marc retaliates that toxic processed foods have adverse effects on our gums and teeth. This is particular to substances that enter the food on the farm, during harvesting and packaging processes until they find their way to your mouth. Due to this, these harmful substances cause damages and eventually, they become hard to survive with.

Dentitox Pro is therefore formulated to recreate the saliva by causing a build-up in nutrients. In simpler terms, saliva will become a cleaner that will reach difficult-to-access places, breaking down and destroying harmful substances. At the same time, it protects the mouth from harmful microorganisms. The big question is, how does Dentitox Pro enhance the protective capacities of saliva? The answer lies in the natural ingredients in the formula, which are the favourite components of African tribes.

Before we embark on the list of ingredients contained in the formula, you must learn that Dentitox operates by following three critical procedures:

  • Step 1: It begins by stopping pain, bleeding and inflammation while making the gums tighter.
  • Step 2: The formula then detoxifies chemicals, pollutants and other substances which cause damage to the gums and teeth.
  • Step 3: It then rebuilds the gums and teeth.

What are the ingredients contained in Dentitox Pro?

The ingredients listed below have been proven to detoxify chemicals, pollutants and other substances, as mentioned in the second step. They include:


Elderberry or Sambucus is a genus of flowering plants with berries containing vitamins and antioxidants that improve the immune system. Research has been done on elderberry to prove that if used as a mouthwash, it prevents the worsening of gingivitis. However, this does not mean it will cause an improvement in the condition. Another research reported that, in the past, the leaves and flowers of elderberry were used to treat dental pain, inflammation and swelling. However, there is still no concrete evidence to confirm these claims.

Phosphoric Acid

Phosphoric acid originates from phosphorus. Did you know that this ingredient individually could cause harm to the teeth? Research indicates that if you combine phosphoric acid and low pH levels, it could be detrimental to your enamel and teeth. It can also soften and weaken the tooth enamel, thereby causing plaque.


Xylitol is a type of sugar alcohol contained in most vegetables and fruits. It is naturally created in our bodies in small concentrations. Dentists recommend xylitol-sweetened chewing gum as a remedy to prevent tooth decay and improve dental health. One source claims that tooth decay is mainly caused by bacteria known as Streptococcus mutans, which initiates plaque formation. When there is excess plaque on the teeth, the immune system might think it is getting rid of it. But in essence, the bacteria are hidden within the gums, hence causing inflammation. Xylitol will therefore starve these bacteria and eventually cause their death in totality.


This is a type of natural protein found throughout the body. It provides the skins and bones with the structure they require to remain in position. Consequently, it will cover and protect the roots. Research shows that bovine collagen enhances the healing of gums which will, in turn, result in thicker gums around the teeth.


Methylsulfonylmethane is an organosulfur compound that is usually used in the treatment of joint inflammation. Thus, it might be strange to find it as an ingredient here. Past research on the usage of MSM in the treatment of periodontal diseases shows that it can also be utilised to treat gum diseases and decrease periodontal pockets.

Indian Licorice

Indian licorice is an herbaceous flowering plant belonging to the Fabaceae family. It is also known as the rosary pen. A study that was done in 2012 on its effect on oral health showed that licorice influenced tooth decay and gum disease. Notably, research shows that licorice could prevent these two conditions. However, the research team insisted on further studies to determine whether it did prevent these conditions to a noticeable degree.


Neem is a natural herb that contains numerous antibacterial properties. For this reason, one source claims that it can be used to cure gingival problems while also enhancing your oral health. In layman’s language, to understand it better, neem barks can be used as an ‘oral deodorant,’ cleaner and a toothache reliever.


Sage is a perennial, evergreen subshrub belonging to the mint family, Lamiaceae. It is proven to be a source of antioxidants and for that reason, it enhances immune health. Other evidence also shows that it reduces the symptoms of menopause, improves oral health and reduces blood sugar levels. One study also showed that mouthwash containing sage caused a significant reduction in the colony count of Streptococcus mutans in dental plaque.


Cinnamon is a type of spice that is widely known because of its numerous healing properties. One source claims that it prevents cavities, treats gum disease and comparatively reduces infections by bacteria. A study conducted to research the effect of cinnamon on human enamel found out that the combined impact of usage of cinnamon and pH concentrations could alter the enamel surface roughness.


Peppermint is also another type of herb that belongs to the mint family. Of all the ingredients contained in Dentitox Pro, this one has the most impact on oral health. For example, a source writes that peppermint is an effective remedy to reduce plaque and clean the gums and teeth. Similarly, another source argued that the active ingredients of peppermint – menthone and menthol – causes breath freshness and kill oral pathogens, fungi and bacteria.

Other ingredients that have been proven to terminate inflammation, bleeding gums, initiating the tightening process and reviving one’s oral health are Vitamin A (1500IU), Vitamin D3 (600IU), Vitamin K2 (120mcg), Phosphorus (50mg), Potassium (50mg), Zinc (6mg), Iron (3mg), and Calcium (50mg).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What features does Dentitox Pro carry?

Dentitox Pro has been created with the following ingredients:

  • All-natural, organic ingredients have been sourced from farmers that allow plants to grow to maturation.
  • The right combination and ratio of ingredients for an effective and safe solution.
  • Processing under strict sterile standards with regular cleaning routines.
  • It is non-GMO and far from inducing dependency on the solution.

Is Dentitox Pro safe?

The natural ingredients contained in Dentitox Pro make it a safe oral solution. However, the best approach is to begin by consulting a health professional. This also applies to people with underlying health conditions, pregnant and/or nursing women. People with underlying health conditions should be cautious because medication interactions may occur even with minerals, vitamins, plants, and herbs.

What results can be anticipated from Dentitox Pro?

Dentitox Pro functions to eradicate periodontal diseases in a matter of weeks. Moreover, your teeth will become stronger and whiter and problems such as tooth decay, bad breath, bleeding and inflamed gums will all be gone.

Has a money-back guarantee protected Dentitox Pro?

Dentitox Pro is protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee such that if you fail to note any improvement in oral health, you can contact customer service and request a full refund.

How much does Dentitox Pro cost?

Each Dentitox Pro bottle contains 30 ml of solution, split into six droplet servings. One bottle suffices for one month. That said, here is a quick prices breakdown worth going over:

  • 1 Dentitox Pro bottle: $69 each
  • 3 Dentitox Pro bottles: $59 each
  • 6 Dentitox Pro bottles: $49 each

Final Verdict

Dentitox Pro is an oral health supplement that utilizes natural African ingredients to reverse bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease. The formula contains organic ingredients, some of which have more traditional uses than others. Our research concludes that most of the ingredients in the formula have positive effects. However, some still need further research, while others have not yet been studied. In the long run, you might have to choose between traditional and folk medicine or scientific research.

Taking everything in mind, Dentitox Pro is an attractive formula because it contains an oil-based supplement. This is desirable because most herbs and plant-related extracts work well when infused with an oil base. Don’t forget the immediate delivery of nutrients that the solution provides to saliva compared to taking tablets or capsules.

For the disadvantages, we are yet to confirm some aspects of Dentitox Pro. For example, the doctor’s credibility they claim to have is not guaranteed. Moreover, information about the manufacturing company is also not known. This means there is a lack of transparency, making it hard to value Dentitox Pro. For this reason, I encourage you to contact the customer service team with all your inquiries before making any purchases.

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  • I started having problems with my teeth in my distant youth. Despite the observance of the hygiene of the oral cavity, an unpleasant smell practically does not leave me. Brushing my teeth was a real pain for me. No matter how many brushes and toothpastes I tried, my gums continued to bleed. I learned about Dentitox Pro from a friend. I ordered it for a sample and having studied the composition, I decided to use it. At first, my gums stopped bleeding, the smell also disappeared. I ordered more as my teeth became noticeably stronger. I will continue the treatment further.

  • Excellent product. I am very grateful for the recommendation of a friend who uses Dentitox Pro, I told him that I had problems with my gums, they felt inflamed, he surely recommended the product so I bought it and began to apply it on the gums, magically I felt how it improved after a short time until the inflammation disappeared. I definitely recommend Dentitox Pro.

  • I have very sensitive teeth, can I use Dentitox Pro or not? One more question: does this product cause any allergic reaction? Thanks in advance for your answer.

  • I have had a problem with my gums for a long time, they bleed very often. I stumbled upon an article about the Dentitox Pro additive. I liked the fact that the supplement contains natural ingredients such as xylitol, phosphoric acid, elderberry. Saliva will, as it were, cleanse the oral cavity from harmful microorganisms. I think I will purchase this supplement in the future.

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