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  • Fully Customizable and Changeable
  • Weight Loss Benefit
  • Easy To Follow
  • Intermittent Fasting Adjusted
  • Fast Food Allowed
  • No Exercise Or Workouts
  • No Restrictions Of Calorie Consumtion
  • Wide Range Of Food Variations
  • Affordable Program (Try to hire weight loss expert)


  • Strong Discipline
  • Accessed Online
  • Loss Of Energe For The Few First Days
An 8-week meal plan based on the experience and expertise of industry leaders. That includes nutritionists, personal trainers, and chefs to ensure you make optimal progress toward your dream figure.
I would like to tell you and review the Custom Keto Diet products. They say that this program is very effective, but I decided to check it myself and want to share my experience with you.
Custom Keto Diet Review
Review prepared by Sharon Tucker.
Information I provide:

  • complete information about the creator
  • how exactly this program works
  • the pros and cons of these diets
  • cost of the program
  • for whom are keto diets suitable and are they optimal for each person?

Most likely you are afraid and hesitant to try any new diets, but the key word here is Custom. Do you understand what I mean? Then grab yourself a drink and let’s figure it out!

What is Custom Keto Diet?

It seems to me that we have all come across people who get great results and lose a lot of excess weight, thanks to a specific diet plan. You also try to replicate this on your body, but the results are not always successful. Why is this happening?
I can say with confidence that everyone needs an individual approach and their own program. Then you will lose weight and he will not come back with more strength. The program should be designed specifically for you, so that the process of losing weight is pleasant and the lost pounds are not returned.
The Custom Keto Diet is a special program that lasts 8 weeks. She is individual and tailored to the person, taking into account all the data and needs. Body factors, lifestyle factors and goals are also used. This plan is created just for you and therefore will definitely work.

Who are the creators of the program?

Rachel Roberts Custom Keto Diet The program was created by nutritionist and fitness expert- Rachel Roberts. She, too, had problems with being overweight, which she tried to fight. This prompted her to create her own weight loss plan. She believes that a healthy lifestyle should start with a healthy diet. She dedicated all her developments and knowledge to Custom Keto Diet. The program soon became a huge success among users. And Rachel has helped many people with her personalized approach.

How does the standard program work?

custom keto diet inside The most important and first step is the questionnaire. You must answer questions about your preferences and tastes, write down your body data. This will help you create a personalized meal plan and schedule. You will also have complete nutritional information and even cookbooks. The meal schedule is designed in great detail so that it is convenient for you to follow the program. You will have three main meals and snacks each day. Recipes for all dishes are included, making the cooking process easier. Everyone will be given a food intake, which depends on the goals and preferences of the person. You don’t have to worry that it won’t be difficult. It all starts gradually and is calculated just for you. You don’t have to make great sacrifices to get healthy and fit. The program plan prescribes the importance of each action and point, which will help you better understand everything and use this program throughout your life. You will maintain your health and acquire the habits of a healthy person for life. You will surely like all dishes and you will eat them with pleasure. The recipes are simple, and the dishes themselves are individual for the tastes of each user. I’d like to add that every cooking recipe comes with a picture and detailed instructions, portion sizes and tips.

What does this diet usually include?

After purchasing Custom Keto Diet online, you will be able to download it to any mobile device. To your phone, computer or tablet. The program will be with you wherever you go. There is also a 60-day guarantee for a money-back option. After downloading the program to your device, you will find answers to questions such as what is keto, how it works and what advantages it has over other diets. You can also learn about the relationship between the keto diet and blood pressure. You will have detailed information about meals and when to take meals. In the application you will find many useful tips and life hacks.

You’ll get:

  • Keto 101 video and eBook
  • Keto Superfood smoothie recipes
  • Keto peanut butter threats
  • Keto bacon recipes
  • Keto party snacks
  • Keto Fat bombs
  • Keto savory food
  • Keto chocolate treats
  • Keto desserts
  • Keto avocado recipes
  • Keto cookies
  • Fast keto recipes

Custom Keto Diet Product List

How much does the Custom Keto Diet cost?

One of the main advantages of this program is its availability. This plan, unlike others, costs only $ 37. The complete program and guarantee of losing weight and acquiring a healthy lifestyle costs only $ 37. It’s available! To get a personalized plan, you need to visit the official website. You will have 60 days to get your money back, if suddenly something does not suit you. There is only one cheaper and working weight loss program. This is metabolic cooking. But it is different from keto, so you shouldn’t compare them.

Why Use Custom Keto Diet?

I have already named many positive aspects of this program, which helped you form an initial opinion. But for now, I’ll list the points that set keto apart from other diets.

Natural and safe

It is very important that the entire diet is based only on natural products. Therefore, you can safely forget about food additives. It is also important that the keto diet is completely safe for health and weight loss. Everything happens gradually and naturally. If you compare our program with others, you can understand that we do not use severe calorie deficit methods and do not use only a few foods. Everything is safe and healthy with us. You have a chance to control your weight loss yourself. You yourself can stop and continue whenever you want. The result will only depend on you. These are not diet pills that only harm the body.

Simple and Nutritious

You will have 8 weeks of a personalized meal plan. This is the easiest way to lose weight. You will be provided with charts and recipes. You only need to comply with them! The keto diet has a beneficial effect on health and does not worsen it in any way, but vice versa. You will have a healthy weight loss approach. You can eat any food, because everything is based on optimal nutrition.

Variety of options

One of the reasons people don’t like diets is because foods they don’t like or foods they don’t want to eat. In our program you will have a wide choice and the opportunity to try something new. If suddenly you do not like a certain food and you do not want to eat it, then thanks to the variety of dishes you can find for yourself what you want. You have a schedule and a recipe book, so everything is in your hands! Another positive feature of the keto diet is that all the recipes are easy to prepare at home. Cooking will delight you, because with us it will be fun and easy!

A plan that includes everything

It’s safe to say that the Custom Keto Diet is a comprehensive weight loss plan. After purchasing it, you will not need to spend time and money on anything other than groceries. You buy a program for life that sets us apart from other manufacturers.

Good effect on blood sugar

If you have problems with blood sugar levels, then this food is for you. We use a lot of healthy fats to help balance blood sugar levels. This distinguishes us from diets that advise to increase carbohydrates, which, on the contrary, spoil the balance of sugar in a person’s blood. Many people with diabetes are unable to diet. But with us, on the contrary, you can control your sugar level.
We can add that this program will also help people with headaches, dizziness. Our plan makes these people healthy and diabetic patients have sugar stabilization.

Energy availability

Other diets lead to exhaustion and weakening of the body due to severe calorie deficit. But our food will give you energy, which will be enough for sports and for everyday activities.


As mentioned above, this program is very affordable and costs only $ 37. It is actually much cheaper than other weight loss options. Plus we have a money back guarantee. I mean, you have nothing to lose. You can take a chance and try. Even if you don’t like it, you can return everything within 60 days. I advise you to try and then you yourself will understand everything.

What are the disadvantages?

Our program has only one drawback. This is the keto flu. It appears at the initial stage due to the restructuring of the body. This is influenced by a decrease in carbohydrates and new nutrition. Symptoms include dizziness, hunger and nausea, fatigue, constipation, and irritability. But it only lasts 2-3 days. And you can defeat him with enough sleep and water. But not everyone gets the keto flu. Everyone has a different reaction to a change in diet. In any case, you can endure it for several days to get the result for life. It will not spoil your health in any way.

Is the Custom Keto Diet right for everyone?

Custom Keto Diet Real Results
An honest and simple answer. No, not for everyone. They are not suitable for people with liver, pancreas, or thyroid problems, or gallbladder problems. For these people, diet is prohibited. In order to use it, it is better to go through an interview with a doctor and pass tedious tests. Then you can use this diet. If you do not listen and follow all the rules, then this food is also not for you. You need to be a responsible person and ready for change. I studied user reviews and posts. I have not found any negative ones or those who complain about deteriorating health. On the contrary, they write about its improvement. The main thing is to follow all the points of the program. Let me add that Rachel Roberts’ Custom Keto Diet is considered the best selling weight loss and fitness product. This information was received not by me, but by ClickBank, you can check.

Frequently Asked Questions

What products are needed?

The good news is that all products will be familiar to you. You can eat your favorite foods and lose weight at the same time. The main thing to remember and calories and track their consumption. By observing this, you will enjoy the process of losing weight.

Is there a refund option?

Yes, of course there is. You will have 60 days to get your money back. If for some reason you don’t like something, then you can get your money back. Our customized program plan is affordable, simple and refundable.

What are the differences from other programs?

Our main difference is the approach and essence of weight loss. You will have a personalized weight loss plan that will allow you to achieve all your goals. You don’t have to sacrifice and starve, torture yourself or make compromises with yourself. Everything is simple and affordable. You will have a regular diet to help you lose weight. It’s not just a diet, it’s a lifestyle and healthy eating habits.

What is the main principle of the Custom Keto Diet?

Our program plan is based on reducing the use of carbohydrates in our food. When they decrease, we have a lack of glucose. Our body becomes less energetic, which promotes the release of ketones. These are chemicals released by the liver during glucose deficiency. They replace our glucose, and the brain uses them as fuel when we are glucose deficient. Our bodies can also use fatty acids for fuel. This process is called ketosis.


Should you try the Custom Keto Diet? Yes, yes and yes again! But as already mentioned, first you need to consult a doctor and pass tedious tests. And if fully approved by your doctor, you can safely buy a keto diet. It will definitely do you good. I can’t say that dieting is very easy, especially at first. The body will rebuild and get sick with the keto flu. But if you are a strong person and want to achieve goals, then you will succeed. You can get used to such a diet and lifestyle. Health will improve and goals will be achieved!

Please, write in the comments if you have read this book and has it helped you?

Comments 20

  • Before embarking on this diet, you need to take into account all the nuances of this diet, and then only adhere to this weight loss concept. Usually, beginners have questions at the initial stage of losing weight. Each keto weight loss, entering ketosis (the process of glucose deficiency, when fat is broken down), occurs after differently. One person needs 2 weeks, another six months

  • The only diet I trust. It helped me to remove all unnecessary, thanks to the custom keto diet plan. Experts rely on an individual approach, take into account the state of health, taste preferences, the scale of the “catastrophe”, more precisely, how many kilograms client wants to get rid of. The body receives the necessary products, no one makes it suffer from hunger, but the result begins to make itself felt after a couple of weeks.

  • Lately, I’ve heard more and more about the keto diet from a variety of people. This form of eating is becoming more and more popular and is actually scary. Because this is not a new trendy diet for weight loss, but a therapeutic diet suitable for a limited number of people. The main category is endocrinology patients. And if you are not, please do not experiment with your health! On keto, you can not only not lose weight, but also gain, because they lose weight when they burn more calories than they eat. And it doesn’t matter what they eat and when.

  • Diet super! The main thing is that it is easy to follow (no need to prepare special meals and count calories) and one hundred percent effective. Of course, I will recommend it, but with the caveat that it is not suitable for everyone

  • The keto diet states that you can eat everything: mayonnaise, fatty meats, etc., but still lose weight. Initially, this diet was used to treat epileptic seizures, later it attracted the interest of athletes and all lovers of weight loss. The diet is based on the use of fats, proteins and carbohydrates in less quantities. In the original there were 4 parts of Fat, one protein, one carbohydrate, but for those who lose weight, they increased their protein intake. The essence of the diet is to enter the body into a state of ketosis, so that the body begins to consume its glycogen reserves and break down fat cells.

  • This diet is not suitable for everyone, it is forbidden to sit on it for diabetics and people with chronic diseases. It is necessary to consult a doctor with this diet, as it is an alternative to fasting.

  • The main ideai is that you exclude all carbohydrates from the diet: sugar, honey, bread, pasta, potatoes, fruits, honey. When the body stops receiving them, it begins to obtain them from the fat that we have in the body, and not from muscle tissue.

  • I wanted to lose weight by summer, but I was looking for a diet that would not be very harmful to health. I chose the Keto diet due to the fact that it is used to treat many diseases, and not just for weight loss. The main advantage of this diet is that the lost pounds will not come back. The only drawback of this diet is only unbalanced nutrition.

  • How this diet works can be found on the internet( Therefore, I will briefly outline only the essence. If you follow this diet, the process of ketosis starts, and fat begins to leave the body. Everyone knows that without a calorie deficit, you will not lose weight. Therefore, it is imperative to count calories. So in a keto diet, you don’t need to do this at all!

  • I decided to throw off the obvious extra 12 pounds that I had accumulated during my illness. And the result was not long in coming! After a week I lost 3 pounds, and after a month my weight returned to normal. Now I weigh 110 lbs and I am completely satisfied with my weight. It was the custom keto diet that turned out to be the best option for me. True, in the early days it was hard.

  • Ketogenic food is for everyone! And diabetics, and ulcers, and teetotalers!) The most important point is to correctly enter ketosis and maintain electrolyte balance. Keto is a MIRACLE AND A HAPPY, LONG AND HEALTHY life! All tumors, cancers, neoplasms feed on glucose. harmonic insulin can only work for “growth”, in the presence of insulin in the blood, no oxidative (decay) processes can be. Take this custom keto diet quiz.

  • Custom keto diet really help me to achieve fat loss. I really enjoy this daily meals that you can choose and vary as you like. The result you can see on the second week of using this diet.

  • Does anybody gained results using this keto diet? And if yes, what is you quiz answers were?

    • Sitting on this diet for a week, I lost 6 kilograms. I recommend the Custom Keto diet to anyone looking to lose weight permanently without gaining any weight back.

    • The first week was easy and unusual, but then the body gave some kind of slight failure: there was no fatigue as such, but some kind of discomfort was felt. In 2 weeks it took about 9 pounds, but I decided to stop there. Sorry, don’t remember my quiz answers.

  • I’ve heard about Keto Diet many times before. Now I’m planning to use it because regular diet doesn’t meet the expectations of losing weigh. The keto diet promotes rapid weight loss, decreases hunger and increases vitality. It suits me.

  • Huge thanks to fitness trainer Rachel Roberts for the customized keto diet plan. I have been on a carbohydrate-free diet before, but this did not work. And having learned about a special application online, I bought it without hesitation. I followed the recommendations, and after a week I noticed changes in weight loss. I will continue to stick to the restrictive diet.

  • Rachel Roberts put together a really amazing meal plan. This is necessary, there is everything, but at the same time lose fat by limiting the amount of calories consumed! And a personalized keto diet plan helps you not feel unhappy with the lack of your favorite foods. Indeed, most people stop dieting just because they cannot give up tasty food. And the keto diet is very gentle and, most importantly, does not harm your health!

  • I have been on keto for 3 months, during this time-minus 18,200 and the waist and hip volumes have gone very much. (The first month immediately took 9,400 kg, then less). Yes, the main thing is not even the weight, but the fact that the sugar has returned to normal. Now 5,2/5,8. And there were at least 9.
    At first, of course, I made mistakes and delved into the principle for a long time, but then everything went like clockwork. Someone complains about weaknesses, but it’s all from mistakes. I came across KETO for the first time in a group in contact. At first, there were also problems, but I learned everything and now I’m getting high. Complete freedom from food, there are no plates and eternal cooking, I do not depend on sweet and flour. The menu is quite diverse: meat, fish, some vegetables.
    Those who do not understand write a lot of negative things about this diet, but personally, it helped me a lot to lose weight and improve my health.

  • There are no harmful components in this product! I liked that the usual diet remains practically! The only obstacle is that this diet is not suitable for everyone!

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