Cinderella Solution Review: A Real Solution or Scam?

Cinderella Solution


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  • Designed Specifically For Women
  • Daily Meal Plans
  • Multiple Programs
  • No Adverse Side Effects
  • Track You Progress
  • Excellent For Women Over 30's
  • Lowers your risks of chronic diseases
  • Easy Workouts
  • Suppresses your appetite


  • Available Online
  • Only For Women

Today, there are hundreds of weight loss plans and diets on the market. But how to choose the most appropriate and effective? Let’s do some research and take a closer look at one of the programs, Cinderella Solutions, to figure out whether it is worth trying.

Product Name:The Cinderella Solution
Author/Creator:Carly Donovan
Price: $37.00
Money Back Guarantee:60 Days

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About The Program

The Cinderella Solution is a 28-day program for losing weight. The program can boast thousands of customers all over the world who are seeing fast results. It helps to regulate women’s hormones like insulin, estrogen, and cortisol to boost fat reduction. This program was designed especially for women considering their natural peculiarities and body functions. With age, the body reduces the amount of hormones that may lead to extra kilos. This program is based on the diet of Japanese women, whose average life expectancy is 87 years.

Cinderella Solution Table Of Content

The plan includes the Ignite Phase and the Launch Phase. It mixes up certain food combinations with unique low-impact sets of exercises. The special food combinations are mint and tea, ricotta and berries, apples and chocolate, etc. Each set of exercises lasts up to 20 minutes. They are not intensive and applicable to anyone regardless of physical training level and age. The program is digital, you needn’t buy books or use flash cards. The cost of the program is 37 USD.

Carly Donovan – The Author of The Cinderella Solution

Carly Donovan Before After

The program was created by Carly Donovan, a former fitness instructor from the U.S. According to some advertising reviews, she has been a pioneer in the weight loss industry for many years. She used to be overweight, developed diabetes and had to struggle with it despite hard workouts at the gym. After testing various weight loss plans, she decided to do some research and share her secret formula with other women. Eventually, she lost 84 pounds and collected all her knowledge into a program that now we know as “the Cinderella Solution”.

Review Research – Affiliate Websites

The reviews we researched are biased and full of hype. They are not based on facts and don’t contain real user experiences. You can find detailed reviews on the product on various websites. Here you can read about daily nutrition blueprint, DIY meals and flavor-pairing to decide whether it could be fine with you. The authors of the review liked easy workouts, practical tools, money refund policy, and great value for money. The drawbacks include strict commitments to the rules and a long time for visible results. It’s a generally known fact that broccoli and beef are healthy products. So why not mix them and prepare a yummy salad?

If we take a look at some informal reviews, we’ll see some pros and cons in any case. However, we cannot say that the Cinderella Solutions is a scam or money laundering.

The Product Information On Social Media

The product information on social media is a powerful marketing instrument that works for the future creating the desired image or positive brand perception of the audience. Let’s see what users say about the Cinderella Solutions on various social networks. When searching reviews on a particular product, always pay special attention to the negative feedback as it usually depicts true facts and experience.


On Facebook, it is a closed group located in Newton Abbot. Your request for subscribing is reviewed by the group’s admin. You have to answer a few questions about your goals for considering your request. There is also another group, Cinderella Solution Review – Is It Legit where you can view some negative feedback concerning deceptive cancellation policy. As it was mentioned above, the program maker guarantees money back. However, some users complain that they get a run around and the bank refuses to refund.
facebook Cinderella Solutions Group Scams


The Cinderella Solutions doesn’t have its own channel on YouTube, but you can find lots of videos about it, both positive and negative. What do customers think about the product? One detailed review is given by a man. Therefore, it isn’t from a real user as the program is developed especially for women. He tells about the general guide and unique information on the website and awesome customer support. Surely, we can conclude that he didn’t actually contact their support team (if it really exists, of course). Another review about flavor, carb pairing, and metabolism boost is more comprehensive and helpful. The user describes the program’s book and tells how it helped her to lose much weight. A review from April Krieger is catchy and informative, but too advertising and promising. She tells about the benefits and discounts. A review from Mike James is beautifully designed, but doesn’t contain the real experience.
Youtube Cinderella Solution Review


You can find multiple Instagram profiles related to Cinderella Solution. All author guarantees rapid and permanent weight loss, proven safe methods, full transformation, and 100% money back for 60 days if you don’t achieve any results. There are a ton of “before and after” photos with brief motivations. However, there are only affiliate links to and any of real clients’ real feedback. Most of the comments from random users like “good post as always” or “good and impressive feed” looks unnatural and meaningless. It should be noted that users don’t ask any questions about the program, its duration, methods, etc.
Here are a few sceenshots:

Instagramm Cinderella Solution Fake Account 1
Instagramm Cinderella Solution Fake Account 2
Instagramm Cinderella Solution Fake Account 3
Instagramm Cinderella Solution Fake Account 4
Instagramm Cinderella Solution Fake Account 5
Instagramm Cinderella Solution Fake Account 6


The product’s profile on LinkedIn is closed and has only one subscriber. The profile states that the program offers a unique set of exercises specifically designed for the problem zones. No news, feedback from real users or any other information.

Carly Donovan on Social Media – HOAX?

Carly Donovan
Let’s try to find some more information about the program’s author, Carly Donovan. A personal brand of the owner greatly affects the success of any product or service. On we did not find the biography. Only we know she has family and work. Yes, there are Carly’s photos in the style of “before-after” and even she has tatoo which may add trust she is who she is, we do not believe this is a real person. The next information we found in social profiles.


Carly Donovan Facebook Profile
Carly’s profile on Facebook was not found.


On YouTube, all references to Carly Donovan are related to the program. The author doesn’t have her own channel that could show her achievements or interviews with customers.


Carly’s business profile on Instagram looks neither catchy nor trustworthy. She just states that she researches the safest and most effective way to burn fat and was featured in CNN and Women’s Health. She has less than 100 subscribers and a series of standard photos “before and after”. Among them, we can see one photo of avocado with eggs that strangely stands out from the content. You won’t find any reviews here, only general motivations like “Another amazing transformation”, Just in time for summer”, “Don’t wait for tomorrow to get started losing weight” and others. If we compare this profile with the profiles of other coaches and nutrition instructors with a strong personal brand and mottos, it definitely loses.


The author’s profile is not presented on this social network.

Official Website And Contact Details

The poorly designed official website is rather difficult to navigate. No website map, tabs, categories, or graphs, only long scrolling with plain text without contact details. You’ll need enough patience to look through the entire guide. The author opposes the effectiveness of Keto diet, Nutrisystem and other methods while proving that the Cinderella Solution everybody will be 20 years younger and lose weight 6 times faster. These statements look like cheap advertising that doesn’t deserve any degree of credit.

To Sum Up

Let’s be honest: there are much more effective diet plans on the market like calorie counting and low-carb nutrition. If you decided to lose weight and keep on a diet, consult your doctor and try some free options. If it doesn’t work for you, you can try Cinderella Solutions. The program is pretty safe as it only offers specified healthy food combinations and soft workouts. But do you really need to pay 37 USD to find out that avocado and tomato are pretty good to mix up? Prefer diet supplements? Check our comparison between Superdrine Rx 10 and Ultimate Burn.

Also note, that it will take a lot of time to see the visible and stable results. You won’t lose much weight immediately, only up to 3 pounds a week. If you implement the food combinations correctly, you’ll benefit from healthy meal planning and know more about the fat-burning potential of your body.

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Comments 31

  • Your recommendations helped me lose weight, of course you shouldn’t count on a quick effect, but losing 3-5 pounds a week is real. And if you continue to practice this method, plus eat right, there is an opportunity to achieve very good results. Therefore, I recommend this technique to everyone who does not have time for diets and the gym, but has a desire to lose weight)

  • I saw this method on the Internet, and was skeptical, but decided to read the reviews about the method. There were a lot of positive reviews, with gratitude to the author for this method. I decided to try it all the same and was not mistaken, thanks to the technique I managed to lose weight, which I tried to lose for a long time, but did not work. Thank you very much for this technique, it helped me a lot to change my life and my body)))

  • An excellent method for losing weight, the effect is visible after two weeks of use. No side effects, no addiction, safe, suitable for everyone) I am very glad that I purchased this method, now I managed to achieve the desired results, I like my body))) I recommend this method to everyone who wants to lose weight and tighten their body)) Thank you very much)! !!

  • I faced the problem of being overweight when I gave birth to a child. I wanted to bring my body back to normal shape, but I didn’t succeed, diets didn’t work for me because I was breastfeeding, and there was no time for the gym. I saw your method and decided to use it. I will say that I really liked the technique and managed to lose a few pounds in a week. I have been working according to your method for more than two months, the result is excellent, the body is fit, the excess weight is gone)))

  • I have lost 15lbs, I have not stuck perfectly to it because there is so much to learn.

  • This method for losing weight is simply incredible, I really liked the programs, you can choose for yourself. No addiction, no diets, safe for health, while there is a weight loss effect, the body looks unreliable, as if I don’t leave the gym))) I advised my friends, they are delighted) Super, I recommend to everyone who does not have time for the gym and diet)))

  • Do you have an Indian food plan version of this diet?

  • I am only a week in but have already seen results and feel better. This eBook makes sense and walks you through step by step life changes

  • ahah, such a worst diet pattern that I have ever seen!

  • Hey, I just started this Cinderella diet and would love to see what my results have been! I’m only on day 7 and I have already dropped 4.5 pounds! I like to pair orange & ginger drink after dinner.

  • The japanese people do this diet everyday. That’s a metal evidence.

  • My boyfriend laughed when I told them I was going to lose weight with just using Custokebon Secrets. After three weeks I am 8 pounds off. uhhy!

  • This diet plan helped me change my life. Maybe Carly Donovan is a fake person, I did not find her profile in soc media, but I bought the book and started to use diet receommendations. It helped.
    Book, chapter 1
    Cinderella Solution Book Chapters
    My body before and after 6 months
    Cinderella Solution Before After
    And here was the coupon code here

  • After the birth of my second child, I gained more than 20 kg, which greatly affected my self-esteem. I was looking for different ways to lose weight and found a book by Carly Donovan. Recipes of the solution of Cinderella is gradually helped me to lose weight tea is especially delicious with ginger. Cinderella’s exercises are simple and can be performed every day. So far I have lost 6 kg and this is not the limit.

  • You won’t lose a lot of weight at once, only up to 3 pounds a week. If you implement food combinations correctly, you will benefit from planning a healthy diet and learn more about your body’s fat-burning potential. This e-book makes sense and takes you step by step through the changes in life I love combining orange and ginger drinks after dinner. This diet helped me change my life.

  • This ebook makes sense and guides you through step-by-step changes in life. I like to combine orange and ginger drink after dinner. This diet plan helped me change my life. You will not lose much weight at once, only up to 3-5 pounds a week. If you use the right combination of foods, you will benefit from healthy eating planning and learn more about your body’s fat burning potential.

  • Does the cinderella solution work? I thank so from the first sight. Nevertheless it interested me. I wanted to find out more information to make a decision. Regulation of women’s hormones helps to boost fat reduction. This is a scientific fact. Various weight loss plans don’t include this moment. That’s why this program is more attractive. Certainly it’s important that the program is based on the author’s example.

  • Сinderella solution exercises really help me too

  • Сinderella solution exercises really help me to lose the weight. Throughout the one month i need to buy new size of the clothes.

  • This book-methodology is just a godsend for me, I am very glad that I saw the advertisement and decided to order. I tried a lot of things for weight loss, the effect was not like that, but with the help of your methodology, I managed to achieve the desired results. Super techniques, everything is well thought out, it is a pity that only the book is available online.

  • With the help of this book, I was able to significantly improve the appearance of the body, get rid of complexes and become more sexy and attractive. There was always a problem with being overweight, I could not throw it off. Thanks to your method, I easily lost weight, without diets and addictions, my body tightened, now I can buy things that are several sizes smaller. Thank you very much for your help!

  • I decided to share my experience of taking Cinderella solution weight loss pills. After two births, I still had 13 extra pounds. And so, after a certain amount of time and fruitless attempts to lose weight, my hands dropped. What I didn’t do-fitness, PP, walking, counting calories, the last attempt was taking pills. The pills had a result, but not a long one. Plus, problems with the chair, in other words, it is better not to go far from it. And then I accidentally got these pills in my hands. Drank in the morning on an empty stomach, washed down with a glass of water. The next day after the start of the reception, I felt a strong headache and a terrible dryness. On day 3, I saw that the weight began to go away. I almost didn’t want to eat,I calmly refused my favorite Goodies,after 18:00,when zhor usually attacks,I didn’t want to eat.Total for 27 days took 5 kg. If I followed a diet,and there was at least some kind of Phys.load, then would have dropped more.

  • After the birth of the child, the wife recovered very much, and wanted to lose weight. But diet and the gym are not suitable for us, I decided to purchase this book. At first, my wife did not believe that it was possible to change something, but as she began to study, she realized that there was a result. She has been practicing according to the method for more than three months, the result is simply impressive, the body is incredibly fit, and she lost even more weight than she was before the baby was born)

  • I prefer the Cinderella Solution recipes because they are made up of the foods we eat every day. There is no need to use unknown nutritional supplements, which I am skeptical about. Conveniently, you can download the cinderella solution pdf and follow the instructions. Every day there are delicious original meals on the table, I would not have guessed to cook this. At the same time, the weight goes away, I can’t say exactly how much I managed to lose, but I can see from my clothes: all wardrobe thins have become more spacious.

  • I chose it because of natural composition. i’m allergic to a lot of things and i’ve heard about side effects, so i studied everything before ordering. What can i say, for the first week, there was generally zero result. Then the weight began to go down a little, but not quickly. most of it went in 4-5 weeks. in just a month, it turned out 4.5 kg. on nutrition-everything is as before. I don’t limit it much. I want to take a break a little and order cinderella solution tea later.

  • This diet has helped me change my life. After the birth of my second child, I gained over 20 kg, which greatly influenced my self-esteem. If you use the right combination of foods, you will benefit from healthy eating planning and learn more about your body’s potential to burn fat. I like to combine orange and ginger drinks after dinner.

  • Your recommendations helped me lose weight, of course you shouldn’t count on a quick effect, but losing 3-5 pounds a week is real. And if you continue to practice this method, plus eat right, there is an opportunity to achieve very good results. I recommend this method to everyone who wants to lose weight and tighten their body)) Thank you very much)! !!

  • I’ve seen lots of cinderella solution diet reviews on Amazon. Finally I got The Cinderella Solution. The 28-day program for losing weight seems to me pretty effective and safe because it offers healthy diet and quite soft workouts. You won’t lose weight fast. So don’t make up your mind so soon, follow Cinderella meal plan, enjoy tea (awesome!) and exersize.

  • I saw this technique and decided to take advantage of the opportunity to lose weight. The method is safe, does not cause side effects and addiction, you can choose a program that suits and start practicing. After the first week of use, I noticed a slimming effect. Thank you for this book-methodology, for women it is simply a necessary thing, the weight goes away and does not come back. just super!)))

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